Sandy Point State Park – Best Place to visit in Annapolis

Sandy Point State Park, an awesome picnic and fishing point, has been mesmerizing tourists since 1952 when it was first opened. The park is located in Maryland’s Anne Arundel County and is 786 acre in size. Seemingly, the park has given rise to stories inspired by sunsets, picnics, swimming and beautiful picturesque scenery. A natural overwhelming curiosity to see the place where grandma and grandpa first went as a couple is something that can’t be ignored.

Sandy Point State Park, Maryland

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Sandy Point State Park

How to Get There
Sandy Point State Park is easy to access, located at the Western terminus of Bay Bridge and lies off route 50/301. Maps are also available for tourists who are more prudent. Another dimension is along the shore of Chesapeake Bay, which is a prized heir of Maryland.

Online Reservations
Sandy Point State Park offers online reservations. can be made before arrival and any kind of information related to can be taken from the telephone numbers given in the directory.

Major Attractions
Sandy Point State Park has been a point of beautiful scenes, natural fauna and flora blooming at its peak and fresh breeze that is so commonly associated with the sea side. The development authorities have added more to the park in order to make it more attractive to tourists. There are adventures awaiting tourists in the form of boating, swimming, fishing, crabbing, hiking, Youth Group Camping and sightseeing. There are areas of historical interest where time itself seems to be frozen within the stones and rocks that depict the way seawater has treated them year after year.

Sandy Point State Park has activities that make the tour more memorable and the park becomes an even more popular tourist attraction as young people find a way to release energy via camping. Likewise, there are places for kids that would definitely be of interest to them. Due to its location, the park is a natural aviary to many kinds of birds. One can sit for hours at the beach and look at these pretty creatures with awe. The sensation of nature’s power taking over the world is at its peak and can only be felt by those who decide to take a plunge in the water.

Sandy Point State Park

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Sandy Point State Park Specialty: Fishing and Boating
Sandy Point State Park has worth mentioning boating and fishing facilities. Boats can be rented out in private or a public tour is arranged by the administration of the park. People can choose the kind of package that suits their pocket and still enjoy gentle ripples in the placid waters of the sea. The Chesapeake Bay blue crab is a tasty morsel that can be caught off the beach where fishing and crabbing is permitted over designated areas. Fishing gear is available at the store in the park and reservations in advance can also be made to get the bait! People who are fishing are allowed to stay in the park after closing hours.

The park can boast of 22 launching ramps and six piers! There are facilities to rent boats as well as launching your own boats provided they are smaller vessels such as kayaks and canoes. Last minute supplies such as baits, fishing gear and even snacks would be available to tourists upon demand, on the ramp.

Things to Know

  • Visitors are not allowed to place tents unless they are see-through with a clear bottom.
  • A license is required for fishermen above 16 years of age and that too doesn’t guarantee fishing at the point of people’s choice.
  • This activity can only be undertaken at designated areas.
  • Pets are allowed in the day, at certain area from October 1 to April 30.

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