Interesting Amazon Rainforest Facts

After knowing the distinct & interesting Amazon rainforest facts about the unique forest in the 4th largest continent, South America; who wouldn’t consider it among top adventure destinations, with an imposing array of cultures & nature that is so varied, vast & beautiful that it cannot be described in words. The lucky explorers might see many animals & plants never seen before & even anaconda when they take an Amazon River cruise or jungle trekking.

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Amazon rainforest facts are so amazing & interesting that they compel the tourists to visit South America again; as it is impossible to explore all the majestic & unlimited diverse resources in 55 million years old, 2.1 million sq miles of land, on a single journey.

Amazon River
Travel a small distance paddling through the home of anaconda, Amazon River that begins in the Andean mountains of Peru, which flows for more than 4000 miles to merge in the Atlantic Ocean near Belem, Brazil. Watch & explore that how it flows a very long way & is fed by 1100 tributaries.

amazon rainforest

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amazon rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest – Things to do

Visit to know the Amazon rainforest facts about the world’s largest natural resources & to experience the majesty of the unique rainforest in South America.
Enjoy while on adventure travel by

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Photography

You can make an extra ordinary album by simply taking photographs of the many thousands of unique birds, mammals, reptiles & other living creatures all sharing a the natural home, the Amazon tropical rainforest, covering approx 6% of the Earth’s surface area but having more than 50% of the world’s total animals & plants species.
There are total 9 nations that enjoy all that the moist, broadleaf Amazon rainforest has to offer. Brazil has 60%, Peru has 13%, and Columbia has 10% while other countries Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, & French Guiana, Guyana, & Suriname have very small parts of the rainforest within their borders.


So where to sleep? Stay in the jungle lodges, tents, camps or river-boats to explore the beauty of this biologically diverse region.
You may also live in the hotels depending on the country out of 9 you choose to visit.

Amazon Rainforest Tours

Amazon Rainforest Facts – Good to know

  • Approx 80% of the food people love to eat originally came from Amazon rainforest. Popular examples are coffee, rice, chocolate, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, pineapples, black pepper, & corn.
  • The forest trees make a canopy above the floor, making it almost dark, letting less than 1% of the sunlight through the leaves to the ground.
  • It is believed that 70% of the plants found in Amazon rainforest have anti cancer properties.
  • Over 25% of the total medicines used today have been originated in the Amazon rainforest that is only from 1% of the plants that have been known so far for their medicinal properties.
  • The Amazon rainforest is called the ‘Lungs of the Planet’ as it produces 20% of the world’s oxygen approx.

The interesting Amazon rainforest facts above definitely aspires adventure travelers by giving them info for adventure travel in South America.

amazon rainforest

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